Supported Platforms

  • WordPress (including Gutenberg Editor)
  • Shopify (Coming Soon)

Basic Features

  • Unlimited amount of Markers
  • Unlimited amount of features (polygons, polylines, and more)
  • Common styling controls
  • Toggle common controls (Fullscreen, zoom, mouse wheel)
  • Support for both Google Maps and OpenLayers
  • Support for a multitude of tile servers
  • Choice of distance units (Miles or Kilometers)
  • Roadmap, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid tiles*
  • Zoom Limit
  • Sophisticated graphical WYSIWYG editor
  • Click to edit any marker, polygon or other feature on the map edit page
  • Feature tables so search and manage markers and other features
  • Embed APIĀ (Coming Soon)
  • Filter markers, polygons, polylines and more
  • Filter by address and radius
  • Address AutoSuggest*
  • Support for Custom CSS and JS
  • Control how and where the Maps API is loaded
  • Cutting edge performance with a small footprint

* – These features are only supported when using the Google Maps engine

For Developers

  • Highly sophisticated REST API
  • Easily extensible, modular JavaScript
  • Factory Method design pattern, easily extend server-side modules
  • Easily override server and client side modules with external code