This documentation is applicable to Map Block across all platforms.

Setting start location and zoom

Use the map editor to position the viewport in the location and zoom level you would like it to start with.

You can control this either by using your mouse, or by using the controls under Settings → General Settings under “Center” and “Zoom Level”.

Adding a marker

From the map editor page, click the “Features” tab in the top right.

From here you can add, edit and remove markers.

You can also edit markers, polygons, polylines and other features by clicking on them in the main map panel.

Click “Add Marker” to add a new marker.

Enter the street address of the marker you would like to add.

Click “Save Marker”.

You can drag and drop your marker or use the coordinate controls to manually position it.

Your marker will then appear on the map, and in the marker table under Features → Markers.