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Pro Add-on


These demos showcase some of the general use case features in Map Block Pro, such as marker icons, user location, map tile types, OpenLayers with different Tile Servers, and more!


Both Map Block and Map Block Pro have many different styles of popups to choose from, with matching styles which can be applied to your listings. All popups are fully customisable with CSS, and it’s easy to add your own style templates to both the popups and listings.


Use our Pro add-on to add listings to your maps to display a list of features, markers, polygons, and more. Listings are fully styleable through CSS, and ship with many built in styles for an instant setup.


Our sophisticated modular filtering system allows you to pick any combination of filters you like, including address and radius, keywords, and category filters. Each filter comes with a diverse range of options so you can fine tune them to meet your needs.